Antonio Loprieno: We should sharpen our voice


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Astrid Eichhorn and Lara Keuck meet with the President of the All European Academies (ALLEA), Prof. Dr Antonio Loprieno, to talk about the institutionalized commitment of science in the form of policy advice. Prof. Loprieno considers it a moral duty of the scientific community to actively engage in policy advice. At the same time, he openly reflects on the personal disadvantages that such involvement can have on an individual's scientific career. As he points out, there is always a price to pay, and he offers insights into his life as an Egyptologist, how his path led him to ALLEA, and how the relationship between science and society has changed in recent years. He also shares his expectations for the next generations in science and why he advocates for more substantial involvement of young scientists in academies and their science-based policy advice.

Prof. Dr. Antonio Loprieno is the President of the All European Academies (ALLEA) and Professor of Egyptology at the University of Basel.

Prof. Dr. Astrid Eichhorn is an Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Southern Denmark and Speaker of Die Junge Akademie in 2021/22.
Twitter @AstridEichhorn

Dr. Lara Keuck is a historian and philosopher of medicine and leads the Research Group on "Practices of Validation in Biomedical Research" at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. She is also a member of Die Junge Akademie.

Loprieno, A. (2021) “Die Zukunft der Wissenschaftsberatung”, Heureka, 29 September, p. 1.

Science Advice for Policy by European Academies

ALLEA working group on Climate Sustainability in the Academic System

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